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PADRA TEJARAT TANDIS FARS TRADING COMPANY with the brand name “PADRA“, started its business in the form of domestic supply of all kinds of marble stone from 2008. In the AH (2011-2021 AD) , this company, while entering the area of production and also searching the export target markets, it started its export activities by sending the first shipment to Persian Gulf States (Oman and UAE). This company is currently engaging in exporting its products to the countries of Central Asia, Persian Gulf and also the countries of the Middle East and making continuous cooperation with the suppliers and contractors of the mentioned countries.

Involvement in large and successful national provincial projects, including the project of two-line Shiraz Subway  with 5 stations, as well as making collaboration in mines and mining companies such as of Bayati Brothers Co., Pars Mining Group, etc., shows the diligence and determination of the managers of this company in their own area of activity. 

The effective and powerful entry into the international markets, which has  always been one of the significant policies of Padra Company, made the directors of the company to improve the quality in the production stage, sorting, packaging for export and related affairs, as well as paying attention and modeling from world updated technologies, leading  to providing a safe and qualified product, which resulted to creating a trusted and reliable  basis for making cooperation with its customers all over the world.

Having the slogan of production, supply and development, according to its records and continuous activity in the area of production and supply of building stones in the form of slabs, tiles and stone products, Padra Company is ready to cooperate with suppliers, contractors and other consumers in Iran and all over the world and concluding contract with them.

Some domestic projects executed by Padra Company:

1- The project of the second line of Shiraz subway with 5 stations

2- Shiraz Mall commercial-office complex project

3- Artesh Residential 160-Unit Complex

Some foreign projects executed by Padra Company:

1- Continoulsy exporting to Oman

2- Exporting to Iraq

3- Exporting to Central Asian countries including Jordan


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