Features of Dehbid stone

Features of Dehbid stone

Today, building stones have a diverse and colorful world to cover all tastes. Dehbid stone is also one of the most prominent of these stones, if you are in doubt to choose and buy a suitable building stone (with excellent appearance and technical components), never be satisfied with what you and others have heard, and only experienced experts in the field. Get advice on building stones so that you do not have to work again in the near future.

In the following, you can get acquainted with the specifications of Dehbid stone to have a more informed and purposeful choice …

ویژگی های سنگ دهبید

What is Dehbid stone?

Simply put, Dehbid stone is a type of marble whose main mine is located in the north of Fars province (Khorrambid city) and near (about 10 km) Safashahr city.

Distinctive features of Dehbid stone

A: High strength among marble

(In terms of technical features and appearance, Late marble imported from Turkey is denser and more durable)

B: High abrasion resistance

(Repeated traffic over the years (on the floor) does not damage the stone)

C: Unique color and design

(This stone is produced in the range of light whitish cream to dark Nescafe)

D: Low water absorption percentage (zero) due to high compaction and molecular density

This feature helps to dramatically increase the life of the stone.

E: Excellent sub-susceptibility due to high density and unparalleled transparency

Did you know that the smooth transparent background of this stone can reflect light? Spaces that have less natural light and should practically be darker look brighter with the help of this stone.

Familiarity with the use of this stone in different parts of the building

The beauty and strength of various parts of the interior of the building, including the floors of buildings (office – commercial – residential – hotel lobbies, etc.) is tied with Dehbid stone.

ویژگی های سنگ دهبید

Key points when buying Dehbid stone

1- Never be satisfied with a few samples and check the availability of stone (stone depot) so that your project does not stop due to the lack of enough stone.

2- Do not pay any amount before receiving the stone.

3- A representative should be present at the place when buying and loading.

4- Get a uniform and coordinated delivery guarantee from the seller.

5- Ensuring that the dimensions are completely accurate and completely clear in all stones

Padra Trade Group


The company produces domestic high-quality Dehbid stones using modern science and modern processing equipment, and currently supplies the domestic market and exports to various parts of the world.

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